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Sri Ram Automation is one of the best Industrial Automation System Integrator In Chennai. We are provides design engineering, manufacturing and commissioning services and furthermore supports services for their engineering solutions. Sri Ram Automation continually endeavours to meet and exceeds client's desires.

Sri Ram Automation has skill in Control Panel Manufacturing, PLC & HMI Training, PLC & HMI programming, Upgrading of existing control Panel, turkey Solutions, IEEE Projects for Final year Student, Free Arduino, Raspberry Pi Courses For Students. Sri Ram Automation has stretched out its important services even to the electrical, electronic and Instrumentation turnkey projects.

Sri Ram Automation with the master group of 6 Engineers offers end to end support to the necessities of its customers spread out all around. The group involves all around qualified engineers, specialized in software development, plant, and control automation. The organization is equipped for giving services in all makes of Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interface panels Programming, and Turnkey Solutions.

Our products

Automation Systems

Industrial automation is the usage of control systems,for instance, PCs or robots, and information technologies for dealing with different strategies & devices in industry to supplant person.

Sensing Solutions

Sensing Solutions represents some of the world's best industrial sensors organization.

Control Components

Control Components giveperfect control at creation site through Counters,CamPositioners,Timers,Timer Switches,Digital Temperature Controllers,and other information

Safety Components

Safety Components are required for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities.


Electric drives have intrinsic points of interest over other prime movers.

Control Panels

A control board is a level,region where control or observing instruments are shown orit is an encased unit that is the part of a system that user can access,controlpanelofasecuritysystems .

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